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Terrestrial Navigation

Customized solutions for any navigation need

Off-roader, top driver, radio ham or camping lover ?
Find the best GPS for you!

Portable GPS

A range of portable GPS for different navigation needs and budgets: from the entry level Motivo, the elegant Geosat 6 Europe, to Geosat 6 Drive Safe with built-in alcohol tester and the fully featured Geosat 6 XTV.

Off Road

Precise GPS navigators dedicated to the 4x4 world, with special hardware and software features to navigate Off Road. Find out Geosat 4x4 Crossover Europe and the single country versions with  topo maps from several Military Institutes. 

Recreational Vehicles

A range of  GPS navigators for travelling en Plein Air, comfortably.
Find out Geosat 6 CAMP and Geosat 6 XTV CAMP,  the perfect solutions for your Recreational Vehicle:  large screen, multimedia functions and special POI of campings, parking, campgrounds and RV dealers. 

Motor Sport

Geosat 6 Regolarità is a precise GPS navigator and Trip master for Regularity  class motor races, used in  races such as 'Nuvolari' or 'La 1000 Miglia', developed in collaboration with classic Team Eberhard.

Radio Ham

The ultimate solution for Radio Ham and Civil Protection: Geosat 6 APRS brings together APRS© Technology and advanced GPS navigation.

Intelligent Agriculture

The application of GPS technology can benefit agriculture in many ways: find out more about Precision Farming with the G6 Farmnavigator series.

Peugeot in-car solutions

AvMap presents the concept of hybrid GPS: built-in yet portable, joining all the advantages of the in-car systems to those of the portable solutions. Find out  the Peugeot in-car solutions.

Citroën in-car solutions

AvMap tailor-made systems integrate the portable GPS holder into the dashboard. Find out the Citroën in-car solutions.

Desktop Applications




Terrestrial Maps