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Cockpit Cradle Kit

The EKP V Cockpit Cradle Kit seamlessly integrates the EKP V in the cockpit, it feeds it from the aircraft power supply (with a Vibration-proof socket), and it allows connecting the external USB Antenna (included in the kit).

The Cockpit Cradle Kits is recommended for pilots who want their EKP V conveniently integrated into their cockpit, but do not need advanced connectivity to other on board systems.



Pogo Pin Connector
Safety Switch
3A fuse for connection to the power supply


Content of the box:

• EKP V Cockpit Cradle
• USB GPS antenna
• Flush Mount Kit
• Plastic Protective Cover
• Manual, screws and cutting template

Cockpit Cradle kit VS Cockpit Docking Station

EKP V offers two mounting solutions:

  • > Basic panel integration with the Cockpit Cradle Kit: connection to Power and GPS receiver.

  • > Advanced connectivity with the Cockpit Docking Station. 4 USB connection, 2 serial connections, audio input and output,  video input.


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