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Activate your Voucher here in order to get your first Jeppesen Update for free.  

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Update your approachplates and aiport diagrams. 


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is a new application that allows you loading paper or electronic maps in your AvMap Navigator!

Aeronautical Maps

Why you should update your maps

It is very important to keep your maps up-to-date for a safer and more precise flying! AvMap releases new Jeppesen Updates every 28 days, while new terrestrial background and street maps are released three times a year. Visit the Shop online for info on coverage and prices.

How to update your navigator

You can buy from the Shop online memory cards preloaded with software and maps complete with all the data sets for any AvMap aeronautical navigator.

You can also choose to update only one set of data: Aeronautical Database (Jeppesen), Terrestrial Background or Street maps by downloading them from the Shop online,  or directly from the  AvMap Suite for EKP V.

Aeronautical Maps Update Service
You can also subscribe to the Aeronautical Maps Update Service, the most convenient way to keep you navigator complete and updated. Get a Map Update Service Subscription now!

Composition of AvMap Aeronautical Maps



All Aeronautical AvMap Navigators


EKP V only

Terrestrial Background and land elevation

Aeronautical database

Street Maps

Airport Diagrams & Approach Plates

VFR and IFR charts

 Various providers


Map providers choosen by AvMap

The cartography for AvMap aeronautical products includes information from several sources and data providers: NAVTEQ, Jeppesen, AvioPortolano, Seattle Avionics

Background and Land elevation

Updates once a year
• World Background: terrain depiction on the basis of the world altitude,
• Land Elevation for TAWS.
• Regional NAVTEQ data

Aeronautical Database

updates every 28  days with Jeppesen Cycles (Subscribe now!)
Jeppesen Data  Low Airways / Victor Airways included Download the airspace legend
• Other sources Aeronautical data (Airfields private airports for all Europe and US, Vertical obstructions for USA,  VFR Reporting points)
- Avioportolano (Italy)
- Letist Database
(Czech Republic and Slovakia) NEW from Cycle 1208 !


Street Maps 

updates three times a year
• Detailed terrestrial coverage with Street Network and POI NAVTEQ data


Airport Diagrams & Approach Plates

By Seattle Avionics

Enrich your GPS with extra data: VFR and IFR Maps

Enrich your EKP V with ICAO maps by  DSF (Deutsche Flugsicherung)  for Germany and sectionals by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)  for United States, available on the shop online!


New Map Guarante

In 2012, AvMap offers you the New Map Guarantee for EKP V!

When you buy a new AvMap EKP Vnavigator, you are guarantee for free the latest released map.
If a newer map is released by AvMap within 30 days from your first  use, the New map Guarantee allows you to download it for free using the Suite PC application. You will be able to download the latest Street Maps and Aeronautical Database.

Get your free update through the Suite

You have 30 days from the first usage of your new AvMap navigator  to download  the Suite  and check if a new map is available for you for free! You can download only one free map for your navigator (for data type).

1. If you have not registered yet, register here

2.Download the Suite here and install it on your PC

3. In order to find out if there is a free update for you, connect your navigator to the PC and open the Suite.

Attention: to have access to the latest available maps, you need to check the availability within 30 days from the first use of the navigator   (from the first acquisition of satellites at a certain speed).  You can download only one free map update.




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