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The GPS technology, applied to agriculture

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Intelligent Agriculture

The application of GPS technology to agriculture


The  GPS technology can benefit in many ways: saving time and products, reducing the environmental impact and ensuring a higher productivity.

In collaboration with SatconSystem, a german company specialized in precision farming products, AvMap has developped Farmnavigator, a mutlifunctional GPS dedicated to precision farming.

The system shows on the display the track to follow and ensures an equal treatment of the field without any overlapping. With the AvMap agricultural GPS you can trace the contours of your field, register the data about the field application and optimize the operations.

GPS for agriculture helps reducing costs and increase efficiency. With satellite-assisted agriculture, the costs for fertilizers can be cut by 10/12%.

The GPS helps also avoiding accidents as it can warn about obstacles that can be hidden in the vegetation for example in corn fields.


The advantages of Intelligent Farming with GPS:

  •  Time Saving

  •  Products saving

  •  Minimize the environmental impact

  •  Reduce costs

  •  Reduce operators fatigue

  •  Increase productivity and efficiency

  •  Minimize oscillations and variations of crop between one area and another

  • The system can be used in different vehicles

  • Possibility to operate during the night or with scarce visibility 

  • Competitive cost affordable for any agricultural enterprise, and with immediate return on investment.

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