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A precision farming display like you have never seen before!

G7 Farmnavigator features the brightest 7” sun-light readable display on the market, with incredible high definition and 16 million colors. The LCD is bonded, this means a protective glass is glued on the LCD  to eliminate the air gap between the cover glass and the LCD, thus reducing the number of internal and external reflection, increasing the contrast ratio and also improving resistance, vibration and eliminating water condensation. 
G7 Farmnavigator is powerful yet weighs only 640 g and is easy to install.

Dust and water proof and easy to clean

The display is covered edge to edge with hard glass so that it can be easily cleaned from dust in one swipe. Dust and water proof, it can be used on tractors without a cab!

Multi-touch and remote control

You can zoom in and out with two fingers, or use the remote control, which can be fixed anywhere in the cab, to ensure precise commands when driving over bumpy fields.



The most farmer-friendly, easy to use Software


Map your field

Start creating your fields’ database: measure your field boundary, calculate the area and save the position of obstacles or soil samples.



Parallel guidance

Easily set the guidelines and the working width to get parallel navigation guidance. 
Choose among 4 different types of guide lines: straight parallel, Contour, Round and Round, existing tramlines. Save and recall guidelines for further activities in the field.


Special Cursor and Nudge function

The cursor unique design indicates your exact position and heading: make sure that the black guidance line is always visible through the circle on the top of the cursor. The cursor will help you understand the tractor turn radius, to you correct your steer quickly.
Moreover, the manual nudge offset function allows shifting the position of the guidelines to compensate GPS drift.

Sections control with implement profiles

Create a profile for each implement and activity e.g. seeding, fertilizing, or spraying: set the working width, or the number of  boom sections and their individual width. Then choose a profile and get indications for manual boom switch control to start reducing costs and protecting the environment.

Missions database

G7 Farmnavigator records  data for each mission (each activity on a specific field) including quantity of application, driver’s notes, total time, worked area, implement profile etc.



Extension Options

3 Serial Ports

G7 Farmnavigator features 3 serial ports for connecting external devices.



The optional C-Box provides additional simultaneous connections to G7 Farmnavigator: USB, Video Input, Ethernet and CAN BUS, so that it can easily connect to sprayer sections automatic controllers, auto-steering devices and rear view field cameras at the same time.


External GNSS receiver

Improve accuracy by adding an external GPS smart antenna with NMEA0183 output. For correct setting please ask your dealer!


Auto Steering

Upgrade G7 Farmnavigator from manual guidance to an automated steering system: connect the
C-Box to the autosteering kit to reduce the operator fatigue.
Combine the Farmnavigator Auto-Steering System with the Automatic Section Control extension to optimize your work!

Automatic section control

Connect a controller to G7 Farmnavigator to reduce costs and environmental impact.
G7 Farmnavigator calculates the exact treated area and controls automatically the boom sections based on the position received by the DGPS antenna.
Combine the Automatic Section Control with the Farmnavigator Auto-Steering System to optimize your work!


Video camera

Through the C-Box, connect G7 Farmnavigator to a video camera to get rear view of your field or of sensitive points of the implement, directly on the 7” display while operating.


G7 Farmnavigator

1830 €

G7 Farmnavigator + DGPS Antenna

2196 €



Farmnavigator Auto-Steering System

If you need auto steer, you can choose the Farmnavigator Auto-Steering System, the complete solution including:
G7 Farmnavigator, C-Box, ECU, MDU.

G7 Farmnavigator software has been developed in collaboration with SatconSystem.


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