Geosat 4x4 Crossover Europe

In the City and Off Road!

Geosat 4x4 Crossover is the portable GPS navigator that suits the city as well as off road adventures! The hardware is thin and elegant but tough (the back plate is metallic) and the rubber frame protects it against bumping and scratches.

Off Road

Navigate on the road and off road
• Consult the full screen Compass
• Follow the Trip Master indicating partial and total distances
• Search for a location by its geographical coordinates LAT LON (compatible with several map datum, projections and formats)
• Rapidly save a the position of a waypoints along the trip
Virtual Road Book: create a list of waypoints and view the line connecting them drawn on the map. Select the next waypoint as destination and view the distance and bearing to waypoint.
Save the tracks of your trips off road
• Export and import waypoints and tracks to or from OziExplorer through bi-directional NMEA interface
• Export waypoints and tracks and view them in Google Earth


In the city

Geosat 4x4 crossover guides you in the city as well with a practical 4.8" touchscreen widescreen format  and vocal instructions announcing the name of the Street (Text-to-Speech technology). The driver can choose the horizontal or vertical view by rotating the navigator on the holder.

The Trip Computer helps the driver getting an overview of the journey, showing information such as speed graphs, average speed, highest speed reached, stop time etc.


The Stop Planner is useful to organize the perfect journey. By simply setting the destination and time of departure and specifying a parameter of time or kilometres within which the driver desires to set the stop, the software finds the closest Hotel, Restaurant or Gas Station as requested. 

Geosat 4x4 Crossover includes also a multimedia player which can read audio and video files stored in a SD card.   Geosat 4x4 Crossover reads a wide variety of formats such as Mp4, Mpeg4, DivX, Mp3, Avi, Wave, Windows Media, Matroska, Audio Vorbis,  and  FLV from You Tube !


Geosat 4x4 Crossover is preloaded with:
Terrestrial European maps
North Africa Background for off road (no routing available)

In addition, Geosat 4x4 Crossover is compatible with the Topographic maps of several Military Geographical Institutes.


Geosat 4x4 Crossover is 100% MADE IN ITALY by AvMap

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AvMap GPS are guaranteed for 2 years after the purchase date.

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