Geosat 6 Drive Safe II Europe

Focus on Safety: Built-in Bluetooth  and Alcohol test!

Geosat 6 Drive Safe II will allow the drivers  to discern whether they are sober enough to drive thanks to the breath sensor embedded in the Navigator.

Taking the test is very easy:  select the alcohol test button on the touch screen, get close to the sensor and blow to receive immediately the result and know whether it is suggested or not to drive.

The alcohol level at which a person is considered to be legally impaired varies by country. In Germany and Italy it is 0.50 g/l. Sanctions vary from country to country.

Keep your hands on th wheel and answer calls hands-free thanks to the built-in Bluetooth.

In-car integration

Compatibility with Peugeot car kits: Integrate Geosat 6 Drive Safe II in the car's dashboard and the navigator will communicate with the car sound system through the special holder. You can hear through the car’s loudspeakers the Geosat 6 Drive Safe II's  vocal instructions, as well as the reproduced Mp3 or the hand- free calls.

iPod control: with the special cable provided, you can control your  iPOD directly from the  navigator!

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