Geosat 6 Regularity

The GPS  for Regularity  class motor races! In collaboration with Classic Team.

The new Geosat 6 is a composite of Italian design and state of the art technology. The Geosat 6 includes a host of features studied to guarantee the safest navigation experience:  a 4.8” full colour display in 16:9 widescreen format and turn-by-turn vocal instructions announcing street names with the Text-to-Speech technology.

A special trip master page, designed for Regularity class motor races allows viewing on the 4.8" display the map, as well a special trip master that shows: Current speed, Average speed, total odometer (total distance covered), and partial odometer. Both odometers can be reset (jointly or indipentently).

Geosat 6 Regolarità  ispreloaded with the most updated maps of Europe by NAVTEQ.

On top of high standard technology, the Geosat 6 has a  slim and stylish design. With the smart magnetic mount it is very easy to place the navigator in the car. The driver can choose the best view on navigation rotating the navigator on the car mount: the software will automatically switch from landscape to portrait mode.

Multimedia player: Geosat 6 Regolarità is also a music player, video player and picture viewer.

Geosat 6 Regolarità in 100% Made in Italy by AvMap

Geosat 6 Regolarità has been developed in collaboration with classic Team

Regolarity car races

Regularity places competitors against the clock, rather than in a race with other drivers,  seeking to lap as close as possible to a nominated benchmark time and accrue the least number of penalty points as possible.



ClassicTeam Eberhard, with the couple Mozzi -Biacca Wins the Millemiglia 2011! Classic team has collaborated with  AvMap to develop Geosat 6 Regolarita'  that has debuted in this Millemiglia. We are proud fpr the victory of our  partners - testers congratulations!

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