Geosat 6 Camp

ALL the RV parks from CamperOnLine !


With Geosat 6 Camp you can travel throughout all Europe without borders in your Recreational Vehicle!
Geosat 6 Camp is preloaded with  wide database of Points of Interests for RV suggested by Camper On Line.

More than 6.000 POI in  Europe:

    * 5170 areas (Campgrounds, RV Parking, RV services)
    * 742 campings
    * 394 dealers

Around 4000 POI in Italy, 500 in Germany and 1000 in France. For further info:


Complete info

The dynamic Points of Interests are enriched with indfo and pictures and can be updated separately from the map. Geosat 6 Camp shows for each RV POI:

- Description
- Prices
- Picture (if available)
- Services offered ( WC, Sewer connection, AC power connection, hot shower, Bar, Restaurant, Wi-Fi,  access control gate,  etc.)
- Natural attractions, tourist attraction or sport activities



Travelling en Plein Air, comfortably

Geosat 6 XTV includes an unmatched integration of technologies and functions in a single all-in-one GPS device: 

  •   - Digital TV

  •   - GPS Navigation

  •   - A tri-band GSM phone

  •   - Alcohol Test

  •   - A Multimedia player.

How to search for a RV POI

1. In the Main menu, touch the 'CamperOnLine POI' button


2. Choose the category:

- Parking
- Campground
- Camper service
- Camping
- Dealers

3.  Choose the search criteria:
- by city
- near your GPS position
- near the set destination
- near a waypoint
- recent searches

4. To refine your search, you can also set for wich services you are looking for.


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AvMap GPS are guaranteed for 2 years after the purchase date.

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