Motivo Europe

The Leit Motiv in your Journey!

Light, thin and ergonomic, Motivo is truly portable. Travelling with a Motivo is easy and safe as it utilizes the top of GPS technology: a highly performing built-inSirf Star III GPS receiver with 20 channels.

Speed Cameras Alarm

With Motivo you can get the exact position of speed cameras and set an approaching alarm to warn you in advance. You can drive relaxed as you can easily have everything under control with just a glance to the 4,3” Motivo’s panoramic widescreen.

Music Player

Motivo follows you everywhere: beside being a portable navigator is also a smart MP3  player. Take it with you to enjoy your favourite music!

MP4 Video Player

How about getting some rest? Upload your favourite video on a SD memory card and enjoy them on the 4.3” Motivo’s Widescreen.

Picture Viewer

Take your favourite digital images always with you and show them to your friends on the Motivo’s panoramic screen! 

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